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"I have been a patient Silverado Dental for about 9 years now. I highly reccomend this place. The staff is so welcoming and friendly they make connecions with their patients and treat them like family. I had to transfer dentists due to insurance and missed them so much. Glad Im back where I belong. Silverado Dental is the Best!!"

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Our Happy Customers

"I took my daughter (2 1/2) for her first cleaning and she had a blast!! Talked about it all the way home!! We love Silverado dental care!!"


"My husband and I have been going here for years. Not only is everyone amazing but they truly care about your well being before, during and after procedures. God bless ANY dentist that will answer his own phone on a weekend. Dr. Ringard just helped me at 10am on a Saturday morning. I'd recommend them to anyone!"


"I have been searching and searching for the perfect dentist office. It is much like trying to find a decent boyfriend. At first they are sweet are lure you in, but then all of a sudden they turn on you and you can't trust them anymore. Well...Silverado Dental Care is like the prince charming of dental care in Napa.
The team here is so wonderful and warm, from the moment I walked into the office I fell in love. I highly recommend Silverado Dental Care, and will never leave their trusting side.
They fixed a cracked veneer, cleaned, and polished my pearly whites all while I sit comfortably in a tempur-pedic chair watching Planet Earth.
Much like the rest of the population, I do not like going to the dentist; but do not fear!! Silverado Dental Care is here!"


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